There's too much chaos out there. I want to bring order to it.

I went out on campus in the office golf cart yesterday morning to take some photos for the office website. After spending most the past eight months around the same ten people or so (friends, family, and co-workers) during my illness flare and surgery recovery period, I was overwhelmed by all the activity going on around me. Random people were zig-zagging around, talking, walking, dashing, and moving about in all different directions at once with not a shred of order to it all. It was pure chaos and, to me, it was maddening. I couldn't take it; there was too much unpredictable movement and noise. It's as though I wanted to get everyone's attention and order them to get organized and quiet down. I wanted them to move quietly, at a decent pace, and in straight lines.

I'll get used to living among the chaos soon enough. Eventually. I hope.