My grandparents and I made the journey into Orlando this morning, and the area is pretty well demolished in some places. Many traffic lights were broken and some were just missing altogether. Signs were bent around, crushed, blown out, and otherwise twisted. Traffic was moving slowly as police directed the cars around. At my apartment complex itself the buildings are all still standing, thank goodness. There are shingles all over the ground, and one shingle was actually imbedded in a chain-link fence. The power will be out at my apartment for a while. A massive tree was torn out of the ground and tossed into a power pole, taking out the power line, the pole, and the transformer. There is water at the apartment, but it is not suitable for drinking or cooking. I lost all the food in the fridge as was to be expected. It's about 85 F inside the place. We gathered up some more of my things and headed back to Titusville. Of course, as is wont to happen, my one of the belts on my car engine came loose and we had to limp it back to town in the pooring rain. What a mess.

And for reasons I'll never understand, UCF is calling everyone back to work tomorrow. I see no reason for this. Nobody's mind can possibly be on working. The area looks like a war zone and the police are practically begging people to stay off the roads. Who could possibly be ready to go back to work right now? I do not understand. Every other aspect of county education and government will be closed tomorrow.