Those who have been following my daylogs for the past few months know of my struggles with Crohn's Disease and that I've been out of school, away from work, and in bed with pain medication nearly around the clock. Surgery is just a few weeks away (May 13, 2003) and I'm finally glad to share some good news...

I can eat again!

After giving my innards a rest for a few months I finally decided I couldn't go on with the liquid/starvation diet any longer. I was too hungry and too weak to go on without some real nutrition. I decided to experiment with a piece of plain rice toast, and to my surprise it digested nicely. In the past few days I've added little bits to my diet: a small bowl of mashed potatoes, a little plate of plain pasta, and more toast. It's given me some much needed energy and a taste in my mouth that isn't vanilla. The semester is over at the college now and I've had to drop two classes and take an Incomplete in another in order to close out the semester, but this week I'm planning to get back to work. It'll be great to be out of bed and at the office being productive again.

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and prayers. Surgery is still ahead, but with some food in my system I feel ready to tackle it, recover, and get back to my life. Now, who wants mashed potatoes?