If you think you've never seen the 〒 symbol before and you're a video gamer, then you probably have seen it and just don't realize it. Most Nintendo games that are produced in Japan that feature mailboxes include the 〒 symbol on the mailbox. Typically Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe do not bother to change the symbol when the games are translated for release in the rest of the world. After all, even if other countries don't use the 〒 symbol, including it doesn't make the game any less accurate.

Want to see the symbol for yourself? Pay close attention while playing these games...

  • Super Mario World / Super Mario Advance 2 - Go to Yoshi's House. There's a mailbox on the left side of the screen. Note the 〒 on it.
  • Super Mario RPG - The only mailbox in the game is on Yos'ster Isle. During the game it's where you can find a letter for Yaz and Yanni, the honeymooning couple. There's a 〒 symbol on the mailbox.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - There are a number of mailboxes scattered around Hyrule that can be used to send and recieve mail, and each one has the 〒 symbol on it.

And now you know why the 〒 is in these games. Who says Nintendo games aren't educational?