Ahh, what a beautiful day to go driving. Went up to Door County(the self proclaimed Provincetown of the Midwest; I disagree, but I tangent). The cherry trees are starting to bloom, so the air had an ethereal quality to it. I was feeling jubilant, so I stopped along the highway, exited my car, and carwheeled in a cherry field for a few minutes.

I stopped in Sister Bay and checked out some shops; found a present for a birthday party I am going to later this evening. While shopping, I discovered that my affinity for shiny objects has not dissipated. Perhaps I was a crow in a past life. I don't know how to explain it. I will walk into a store, and the first thing I notice will be either shiny, glittery, colored/frosted glass or iridescent, and of absolutely no practical use whatsoever. And I of course will then pick it up and goto the checkout line. disregarding price, need, and the financial ability to actually pay for it. The amount of self-control required to put my shiny objects down would make Gandhi jealous. But thankfully, I survived today with limited draw upon my bank deposits.