Mmmmmmm the beauty of becoming divergent(id est drunk in the Divergent Inc. circle.

After going to sleep at 5am this morning, I spent the day(well, what was left of it at 3pm) laying around the house doing positively nothing. It was exquisite! I watched a very fucked up movie called "The Grifters", and learned what Frammis Insurance is. Then I made myself a grilled, marinated veggie pita with feta cheese and hummus. YUM!

As the evening progressed, I went to my friend, Julia R.'s house for a party. After becoming throughly divergent, I danced and sang to RENT with a very interesting homosexual male and Casey. I will soon be seeing much more of them, because the homosexual, Travis, plays Perchik, and Casey is an Asst. Stage Manager in Fiddler On the Roof at a local college, and I myself will be a humble stage crew member. Fun!

Oddly enough, Julia(whose bed room is in the basement), has a large pole in the middle of her room. With "Out Tonight" playing and alcohol in my system, it was inevitable that pole dancing would integrate itself into the party atmosphere. And integrate it did. I was told I was, by far, the most entertaining drunk at the party...ego points for me!