Ah.......work is a bitch. Pick up the lens, put lens through washing-machine, wipe the lens, rinse the lens, dry the lens with towel, blow-dry the lens with machine......REPEAT....over 200x a day. Grrrr. But, with the parents gone for the weekend /me wonders if dipping into the family Kalhua stash would be a good idea and "the flu", I think it might be conducive to my health to call off sick tomorrow :Op.

Went out for coffee with my friend, the illustrious Lindsey R, and introduced her to Cocoa Ninas, a yummy concoction of Hot Chocolate, Strawberries, and Whipped Cream. Ran into the male faction of Diverinc as they were on their way out, leaving me boy-toyless and forced to flirt with random guys ;-)

I am currently talking to Cybergoat online, and it turns out he ran into a previously good friend of mine while he was at the coffee house. Knowing Cybergoat and I were in communication, she felt the need to express her distaste of my current lovelife and attempted to extract any other tidbits of knowledge about it that he might have. I have not spoken with this girl for about a month. I have also not spoken with any of her cohorts who might be spreading vindictive, licentious and false rumours. I chose to segregate myself from them in hope that I might embrace my geekiness and gain a private life. Appearantly, I'm just too interesting./sarcasm

I think I feel sorry for anyone who lives their secret desires vicariously through gossip....and then again, it pisses me off since I myself glean no pleasure from putting down others and wreaking havoc upon their personal matters. Can someone please expain the value of gossip to me? I must be missing something./rant