Gobs, a Western Pennsylvanian anomaly

Also known as moonpies, gobs are a picnic dessert found only in Western PA and in cities bordering the state line. Gobs consist of two chocolate substance hemispheres held together by icing(think jumbo mushy oreo). For your pleasure, I have included the recipe for GOBS.



The Chocolate Part

To a chocolate cake mix, add 1 cup water, 1/2 cup oil, 3 eggs and 1 cup flour. Spoon and flatten into small rounds (aprox. 2.5 inches diamer) on parchment baking paper (optional). Bake 10 minutes or till firm at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool and fill pairs of hemispheres with icing.

The Icing Part

Beat togther the following for at least 20 minutes then refrigerate.

2 sticks margarine
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 cup Crisco
2 tsp. milk
2lbs. confectioner's sugar

Recipe makes aprox. 2-3 dozen depending on hemisphere size.

*Thanks to my cousin, Marianne, for the recipe