Up until 7pm, I was having a very benign day, washed my car, dusted the sunroom and went biking for an hour and a half(during the 100+ humidity/temperature I might add). BUT, while tweaking my printer cable at 7:08, I got a call from netpsuedo asking me if I like softball. I don't. In fact I abhor it; however the all-girls team softball game he was watching was short a person and I was feeling generous so I went and played a few innings with 8 other girls I have never met before in my life. And it was fun. I even managed to hit the ball the one time I batted, not to mention making it to first base. The game, however, was halted at the fifth inning due to some bizarre rule. So I went home.

Shortly after arriving home(once again messing around with my parallel port), I got a call from my friend Anna. Shenanigans involving seven layer salad and yummy rum punch with strawberries were underfoot, and the group had unanimously agreed my casa was by far the best place to have the salad and punch creatory party.

About an hour later, Casey, Tom, Anna, and Jesus Joe arrived. Casey came bearing toys; rubber chickens(not one, but two!), squirt guns, one of those weird watery tube things that look fairly revolting when someone else is playing with it, but dang it's fun when you have it, a moon mask and water balloons to name a few.

As the night progressed, chaos ensued. We had a thorough discussion on co-landera, the people who arrive with you on an unfamiliar shore, and how Lois and Clark were not co-landers even though they crossed several bodies of water. From this conversation we spawned a discussion on the overall importance of being first in a pair of names(can Ben be declared more important than Jerry? And what ofJay and Silent Bob?) But inevitably, as things always end, there were mass maulings of the people assembled(Lindsey, Heather and Brian showed up later too) using the weird ass water tube toy.

And it was good.

"But the whales are dying!"

"I'm gonna burst it!"

"We hid things for you to find...just like Easter...Hey! I'm the Easter Bunny!"