Watched pretty much my entire domicile get packed into boxen (ok, so I like how it sounds like that) today. Movers came by with much cardboard and sheaves of paper to crumple and pack around all my worldly belongings (save this trusty noding iron, of course), which now lie stacked about me like a snowdrift of cellulose. Wow. Guess we're really going. Gonna be even more of a madhouse Wednesday, when this stuff actually makes the spatial shift.

Woulda been easier on a full stomach, some exasperating accident of history has contrived to put a fast day today, the day after Rosh Hashanah (and when Jews fast, we don't fool around. None of this "no meat" stuff: it's no eating, no drinking, zip.) Ah well. Still, got a lot done.

But the cable TV people shut the service off a few days too early. :(