To ymelup I must reply, on this point:

* The United States has abstained from UN Security Council resolutions in the face of all the other countries agreeing unanimously to condemn Israel.

To abstain is to refrain from voting - if someone abstains from voting, then they are not counted among the final votes, for or against. For a party (like the US) with a vested interest in the outcome, it is in the best interests of proper vote-taking for that country to abstain, so as not to contaminate the Security Council with its own objectives.

Frankly, I'm surprised to learn this. If you meant it had vetoed the votes, then I can understand that being a bad thing, but...

Also, I challege you to find any impartial country. There seems to be two alternatives: Arab countries that are anti-Israel, and non-Arab countries which have large (vocal) Jewish populations (and likely large vocal Arab populations).