To Cid Highwind:

Choice of domains has nothing to do with where the server is physically located; on the server I host my .net domain on, and will soon host my .ca domain on when I stop being so cheap and lazy, there are .com, .net, .org,, etc. domains.

Choice of top-level domain is made by the company who purchases it, to provide an easily rememberable name (say 'companyname') within a certain namespace (like .ca) which is associated with a certain country (like Canada). It has absolutely nothing to do with the location of the server, and you could easily register a .cx (Christmas Island) domain through a British registrar and host it on a box in Japan whose administrator is a Russian working for a German company, even though you are an Italian-American who is living in Israel and working for the CBC's news office.

Ok, that was overboard, but it was fun.

Anyway, country-code domains should (ideally) be used when the web page is only (usually) of interest to, or involved with, the people of one country. .com/net/org/edu/int domains should be used by corporations with international scope, .gov should not exist, and Air Canada should really lower its ticket prices. None of this will ever happen, but ideally, that's how it should be.

As for myself, I own a .net because when I registered it, '' just wasn't the epitome of cool that I was hoping to exhude. Now that I can just buy a .ca, I will do so, and phase out my .net, which I hope to do this year.