A few suggestions for change:

1. Domestic violence shelters need to start accepting both sexes. Currently women's shelters are nearly ubiquitous, while equivalents for men are more or less non-existant. This will not change as long as the current administrations of these organizations remain in place.

2. Law enforcement needs to be willing to enforce domestic violence laws against women. Today, complaints are regularly laughed off.

3. Men need to get over their fear of being seen as weak for complaining about abuse from women. Many men feel that they should be able to take care of themselves, and solve their own problems without the government stepping in. Unfortunately, in today's political climate, any man who tries to defend himself (physically) is likely to be arrested himself; men need to be willing to got to the police as an alternative.

4. Women need to stop propagating the myth that it's okay to hit a man (after all, he probably deserved it). When a girl slaps a guy in a movie, you know he had it coming and she'll leave him for Hugh Grant before the end. When a guy slaps a girl, it's usually the director's way of letting you know that he's an evil bastard (generally he will end up killing somebody).