The Xerox P1202 is a laser printer manufactured by Xerox until approximately 1998. It has an 800 dpi resolution and prints in monochrome. Readers should keep in mind that 800 dpi on a laser looks significantly better than 2400 dpi and higher on most inkjets. The P1202 prints at approximately 10 pages per minute (with an average of 5% coverage) and has a toner cartridge good for 3000 pages. One can purchase toner cartridges for 3000 and 6000 pages from Xerox even though they have stopped selling the printer. Additional paper trays are also available. The standard paper tray holds 350 sheets of A4 paper. Paper can also be drawn in from a manual feed sluice which is very useful for printing envelopes.

The drivers for the P1202, at least at this point, are rather problematic. The Windows 9x drivers support USB only with tinkering and the installation of a special patch. Under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, one must install the USB drivers but run the printer in parallel mode.

The output quality for the P1202 is quite good, especially for text. One problem, however, is that on images an odd waving pattern shows up. This makes the P1202 a very poor choice for printing graphics.

Considering the cost, over $1000 Canadian, the P1202 makes it clear why only seven other companies have lost more money than Xerox since 1996.