I shoot people in delight, I laugh at ridiculous amounts of blood splattering on walls and ceilings and I decapitate people while smiling. If you look through the things I have noded, you could think I'm a militarist. Yes, I'm interested in military equipment. I also like to play war games and shooters and watch war movies.

All this only on screen, though. In Real Life (tm), I'm almost a total pacifist (although I have gone through the military service, but I'm not in the reserve any more, but that's another story). Some people could even say I'm a loser (and I don't even care, better a loser than an emotionless Real Man(tm)). I have a slight hematophobia. I also dislike war in general (except on screen, again) and military, and I think this is quite common among gamers, at least I know many people who are interested in war games but dislike military. The bottom line (which can be extended to other topics) is: you don't have to like something to be interested in it, and you can separate fiction from Real Life.