A Swedish death metal band, considered by some to be legendary. In my opinion, it's one of the best metal bands ever, and The Man behind Hypocrisy, Peter Tägtgren is a natural talent. He composes, plays, mixes and produces his own albums and has a studio of his own. Other bands he has been involved with include Pain and Abyss. Hypocrisy's Roswell 47 (on Abducted) was the song that introduced me to heavier metal music, and has been one of my favorite albums since that.

The Final Chapter was supposed to be Hypocrisy's last album (as the name implies), and is considered by many fans (and magazines) to be Hypocrisy's best. But since then, they have already released 3 CDs, which I think was a mistake. The new albums are ok, but not nearly as good as the previous ones.