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mission drive within everything
Live Looooong time.
EFL, camping, cooking, Irish Setters
ALTA (My school), Chubu Gakuin Univ.
A teacher who is no longer a student is also no longer a teacher.
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Born NYC, family moved around a lot, grew up mainly in Colorado, joined USAF after HS, moved around a lot. Graduated from U. of Denver twice, all Doctorate work but...ABD. Wrote for NZBC in Christchurch, NZ, taught at NM Highlands U. Came back to Japan for the 4th time 27 yrs. ago and started a school and gained more experience at IBM Japan, Intel Japan, Toyota, Mitsubishi and the list goes on. Now teaching at Kakamigahara Media Center, Chubu Univ.(two campuses), American Language Training Academy and the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. Lovely wife, insane cat and an Irish Setter. Go hiking and camping when I can and assign homework when I can't. Four children-each from a different planet and 4 grandchildren. Belong to Mensa and Int'l High IQ Soc., but still have to dump the trash and fold the clothes. Cook. Wash the cars. Make my bed. Still, waking up in the morning is a good sign.