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"New Zealand Story" (or also known as "Kiwi Kraze") was an omnidirectional platform game released in 1988 by [Taito] origionally on the Spectrum. It was then later released on a number of different platforms such as [NES], [Genesis] and [Amiga] until it was finally released in the [arcade].

Playing as a [kiwi] bird know as Tiki (tie-ki), the objective of the game is to rescue your fellow kiwi friends who were [kidnapped] from a zoo by a large walrus who, for no reason apparent, decided to leave said kidnapped kiwis in seperate cages dotted around [New Zealand]. Tiki must run, jump, swim and fight for his friends [freedom] - and his own safety!


Bow - Primary weapon and also the weakest. Does no through-wall [damage] and is ineffective against some armour
[Bombs] - The first new weapon in the game. Explode on impact to either ground or enemy.
Fire Staff - Fires balls of fire that bounce from walls and surfaces of water. Can kill many enemies in a row.
Ray Gun - Shoots a long, blue laser ray that travels through any enemy or wall.


Joystick - Allows flying all vehicles with just the control pad/joystick instead of using buttons as well
Turbo - Will accelerate Tiki to a very fast speed. Will also accelerate [vehicles] with exception to the [UFO] which is already the fastest thing in the game
Clock - Temporarily freezes all enemies and [projectile] objects for 15 seconds
Holy Book - Kills all enemies on screen and also takes one point of damage on vehicles
Mirror - takes you right next to the cage at the end of the level with your time restored.
Potion - Makes Tiki [invulnerable] to any enemy or trap for 45 seconds. Only problem with this is you can still drown


Teddy bear head - The most [primitive] vehicle in the game and is relativly slow. It only takes one hit to destroy
Duck - Still primitive in the sense that it can be destroyed with one hit but is considerably faster than the teddy bear head
Hot air baloon - About as fast as the duck and is able to pass through smaller spaces than most of the other vehicles. Only takes one hit to destroy
String Baloon - Not much of a change from the teddy bear head except you can hang from a string below the baloon.
Metal Baloon - Incredibly slow moving (unless freefalling) but [indestructible] to arrows, spears, stones and turtle fires. Tiki can hang below the baloon from a chord or sit on top, although either way makes you taller meaning you can't pass through small spaces
Colour Baloon - In a lot of ways like the metal baloon except its faster and not indestructible. If hit with arrows, spears, stones, fire and traps a layer of the baloon pops and changes its colour.
Zeppelin - A large [zeppelin] with a hanging basket at the bottom. Takes 4 hits to destroy but shows no sign of damage.
Laser UFO - Resembling your steriotypical UFO, it is the fastest vehicle in the game and only requires you to move it with the direction buttions/joystick. The Laser UFO is indestructible to arrows, spikes, turtle fire, stones and traps. It also replaces your weapon with a powerful [laser].