From the A.Word.A.Day mailing list:
aufklarung (OUF-klay-roong) noun

The Enlightenment.

{German : auf, up (from Middle High German uf, from Old High German.) + Klarung, a making clear, from klaren, to make clear, from Middle High German klaeren, from klar, clear, from Latin clarus.}

"The idea that a profanity, especially one that was used as more than a casual expletive, could be used as a - pardon - legitimate verb was to me something of an Aufklarung, an enlightenment."

Jon Hahn," A Deposit From Mr. Ed Pays Garden Dividends," Seattle Post - Intelligencer, Oct 26, 1999.

A reader of the mailing list later commented that:
Having received 'aufklarung' or having been 'aufgeklaert' ALWAYS meant, that your parents/elders etc. have told you, not necessarily taught you, the ways of the birds and the bees and how babies were made. I suppose, this is a form of enlightenment, but not necessarily in the way it was presented.