Of course, there are plenty of women using ambiguous or male pseudonyms online, to avoid being besieged by men, so they can do whatever it is that they are on the Internet to do in the first place. (This probably contributes to the amount of attention those who are willing to admit to being female have. But presumably those who continue using identifiably female names don't object to the attention.)

There is a small but appreciable number of men who think that being female and saying anything remotely sex-positive online constitutes asking for all sorts of propositions. No one from Everything has done this, but I've gotten mail from guys who saw my web site and sent me propositions for group sex, or who started conversations and then were angry and offended when I said no, I wouldn't go out with someone I only know from a total of two e-mails.

So I approve of moJoe's strategy. Let the jerks be deceived; maybe if they find out the truth they will learn some manners.