Fictional Illinois city (suburb of Chicago) where several John Hughes movies, including Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club, are set. Because of these movies, it was the destination of Jay and Silent Bob in Kevin Smith's movie Dogma because they thought no one was dealing drugs there and they could fill a need. (I thought this conclusion was rather odd, as the marijuana in The Breakfast Club had to come from somewhere.)

"When I first started making movies, I thought I would just invent a town where everything happened. Everybody, in all my movies, is from Shermer, Illinois. Del Griffith from Planes, Trains & Automobiles lives two doors down from Samantha Baker. Ferris Bueller knew Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles. For 15 years I've written my Shermer stories in prose, collecting its history." --John Hughes, in Premiere magazine