This list of the monarchs of Russia will not necessarily agree with all other sources' lists, because scholars disagree on when the loose confederation of eastern Slav princes under a Grand Prince really became a somewhat united Russia. (And because civil wars caused several rulers to have the throne for only a few months.) I'm starting with the earliest Grand Princes; some lists start almost 700 years later with Ivan the Terrible. Also, many of these monarchs' names can be rendered into English several different ways (the same ruler being called Fedor, Fyodor, Feodor and Theodore in different works, for example) -- I'm putting common alternate spellings in parentheses.

Kievan Rus

Mongol-Tatar Yoke, 1240-1480 Grand Princes of Moscow Time of Troubles The Romanovs Major sources:"Chronology of Russia" at;
"A History of Russia," 6th edition, by Nicholas Riasanovsky, 2000.
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"Michael II of Russia"