My response to the nodesheller: Who says women want to?

Me, I download naked men from wherever I can find them (often gay male sites), the occasional naked woman if something about the picture works for me, and am just as satisfied as any male porn-surfer with my finds.

Such women as get off on being worshipped (pretty few, considering most female-worshippers refuse to see women as actual everyday people) can go to the female-dominant/male-submissive BDSM sites to get their kicks, anyway, so there's no point in "Ha ha!"

In response to f1r3br4nd's words below, "What I've observed women crave in general is attention, whether or not they know and/or admit it." -- most of the guys I've been involved with craved attention immensely too. My first boyfriend got insulted once when I happened to be folding laundry while he was in my dorm room; another guy was angry when I dared to read a book he had recommended to me while I was in our shared living room with him there.

If women crave attention more, it's only because men usually already get attention when they're in a relationship; most women have been trained to pay more attention to people than most men do.