Now that I'm back from family visits to someplace with reliable Net access, some quotations gathered during the days of the gathering (thanks to GangstaFeelsGood for adding some I wasn't around for):

The Big "No-No's":

  • House Parties
  • More than the maximum number of guests allowed.
  • No BBQ on decks, porches, inside rental units, or under a house or a townhouse.
  • No fireworks and firecrackers.
excerpted from the Anchor Vacation Properties Rental Terms and Conditions list

Constantly-repeated joke of the gathering:
"What's brown and sticky?"
"A stick!"

"a warm, popcorn-ceilinged pussy"
--General Lee describing the feeling of the warm house after being out on the porch after dark

"If you've softlinked me to Mr. T Ate My Balls, I'll hurt you."
--mordel to Gamaliel, who was writing on the back of his newly created E2 t-shirt

"How do you get a spider high?" -- cahla
"Really tiny joints." -- Jethro Bodine

"Dude, how many times do I have to get my ass beat to prove it's not fragile?"

"Dude, we're perfectly clean. We smoked all the weed that I had."
--Jethro Bodine reassuring everyone after the car he was driving was pulled over by military police.

"My ass has been fondled by more men than women this week."
--ccunning again

"I don't believe in C!hing safety."

"We have determined that it is Communist China's fault that I broke that bong."

"Like soy, only stickier."
--cbustapeck describing the taste of glue paste

"This much noder love. Not to scale!"
--Bitca stretches her arms as wide as possible after we decide to watch The Princess Bride

"Your condiment shkillz are making me randy."
GangstaFeelsGood to Pyrogenic when he "quite artistically splayed ketchup and mustard on his burger, presenting it for all to see."

Which led to:
"Is my artful mastery of spreading things making you horny? Sorry, randy."
--pyrogenic to Metacognizant as breakfast was prepared

"If I had any more fun, I'd probably kill myself."
--panamaus, as we backed out of the beach house's driveway to drop the keys off at the rental agency.

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