"Geek" and "Feminist" are not mutually exclusive. I consider myself both. I like male geeks, as they are (in my experience) less likely than non-male geeks to look at me only as a body -- those who value their own minds also pay attention to mine. If the two groups have anything in common, it should be an aversion to being judged on superficial attributes.

There are certainly feminist non-geeks who do not value geek attributes, just as there are male chauvinist non-geeks who do not value them. Anti-geek believers are not representative of all feminists, nor all male chauvinists. Anti-feminism is not representative of all geeks, nor even all male ones. Setting up an opposition of "feminists" vs. "geeks" is like setting up an opposition between "left-handed people" and "black-haired people" -- there'll be some overlap and some people who are in neither category, but even between people who are one but not the other, you can't rightly say they have any differences but being left-handed or black-haired.