There's a program in the UK called "Dale's Supermarket Sweep" with exactly the same format, which is (surprisingly) still on the air. The name comes from the fact it's presented by ITV's king of camp, Dale Winton.

If you're looking for daytime TV quiz shows, I recommend that you watch Countdown, 15 To 1, or The Weakest Link instead.

Further to Orange_Julius's writeup, the UK show's format is so similar it's scary. The only thing you didn't mention is the premium rate number that the flash across the entire screen during the trolley dash round for people who want to be contestants to ring, with the annoying commentator (it's about as bad as the guy in Robot Wars) talking over the top.

This also reminds me of a sketch that appeared on Trigger Happy TV, a hidden camera show that had a fairly successful run on Channel 4 and is now on E4. The crew and presenter set up a collapsible stand outside a supermarket, informed someone they were the store's millionth customer (or something similar) and handed them a trolley to go on a one minute free dash round the supermarket. While the guy ran off to do this, the crew packed up their stand and legged it as fast as they could, leaving the poor shopper abandoned with a trolley full of goods he didn't really want and no idea quite what just happened. It was probably funnier if you watched it. :)