Dark fire blossoms in his green eyes
as he thinks of hot summer days,
humid nights...and you.

Run to him and experience the sweetness
of all he has to whisper, and the heat
of what you want to feel.

Passion writhes between taut flesh
as you come together, embracing
for the first time...again.

Enjoy the feeling of being wrapped
in life as the music fades
and the dance ends.

I assembled this poem using those wonderful poetry magnets for the refrigerator. There are many kinds out there ranging from simple poetry magnets to XXX word magnets. I've even seen Ebonics, Trailer Trash and Tabloid themed magnets. Combining them of course gives you a much larger vocabulary to draw on and makes for more interesting sentences and poems. You can purchase these magnets at most book stores and at some novelty shops.

Fun for the kids!

If you have a child struggling with reading these are a fun way to help them along. You can start with simple words like cat, dance, juggle or swamp. Once they have mastered the words you have available for them they can learn the differences between the words. Have them seperate the words into groupings: verbs, adjectives and nouns. Understanding the basic breakdown of the words will help them to form their own sentences. They will delight in making their words come alive on your refrigerator where everyone can see their accomplishments. Older kids can benefit from these magnets as well. If you have a large amount of magnets for them to choose from the likely hood of their vocabulary words being present in them will be greater. You can have them practice using their vocabulary words in sentences on your refrigerator before they have that big test on Friday!

Fun with loved ones!

There's nothing like coming home from work in the evenings and finding a romantic note on your freezer door from your loved one. You can leave romantic thoughts, ask your loved one out on a date (regardless of if you're married dating is still a romantic occurance some couples enjoy) or leave personal instructions for a fun evening such as "Wear the black slinky dress tonight." It's important that you have an area on your refrigerator designated for these messages ahead of time, so that he/she notices there's something new there when they wake up or get home.

Fun with friends!

You can make a game out of creating the naughtiest sentence with your house mates. There's nothing like coming home from class or work and finding an amusingly dirty sentence to relieve stress and lighten your mood. Challenge each other to a poetry or story contest. One of you can start the poem off with a singe line, when your house mate sees you've created your line they can assemble the next one, and so on until you have finished your master piece. Usually you will end up with some pretty amusing poems and stories using this method. Of course, to accomplish an actual story you will have to have quite an extensive amount of magnets as you will quickly run out of the smaller words such as the, and, as, and is.