It's almost my two year anniversary on E2, it's my nephew's 6th birthday and tonight there is a lunar eclipse - occuring as I type. I can't believe I've survived this site this long.

When my brother first introduced me I was confused. I didn't understand the point of all the links at the bottom of the page and I didn't even notice the subtle beauty hidden within the links in the write-ups.

I was a total goofball.

That's pretty much how I ended up with such a plain name, as well. I didn't surf the site before joining so I didn't notice the interesting array already illuminating the site with their personal touches. By the time I did realize the playfullness of the site it was too late.

It's grown on me since then.

I think I've carved myself a niche. I've tried to represent myself well in both fiction and factual. I've made a lot of friends, met many people (including a somewhat permanent fixture in my life) and had a lot of fun.

I hope to hang in for a few more years yet. Thanks, E2, for being such a positive online creative community experience !