The Island of Lesbos, crabs, and three idiots in a Pet Smart.

I am seeking kittydom. Anyone who has visited my homenode will know of this..or think I'm a pervy girl placing a personal ad under the guise of seeking a kitten. In pursuit of my dream to own a kitty of my very own to name after some obscure goddess or god with strange and mystical powers..or just Pete I went to the local Pet Smart. I'd been told there were two orange kittens waiting for a good home. I was told wrong. They already have good homes. Still, I was there and Christa needed a plecostomus so we meandered to the wall-o-fish.

We went through the dozens of tanks and pointed out our personal favorites, then waited for the fish guy to help us...

...and waited...

...and waited. Then we looked for amusement. We found it at the crab tank. I'm not talking about Hermit Crabs, I'm referring to those mini side-walking creatures that look like what I sprinkle Old Bay on at restaurants. We watched the twenty-odd crabs scuttle about..and witnessed the drama that unfolded.

Big-Daddy-Crab, named thusly because he had the largest claw in the tank which he presented menacingly to the others, was stalking the women folk. He scuttled sideways into the water and chased a young male from One-Eye and No-Claws. These two ladies were stacked one on top the other, they were getting their freak on. One look at Big-Daddy had them scrambling in fear of crabby-rape. One-Eye managed to get away, but No-Claws was thrust against the glass, her back to her attacker. He played it cool...holding her in place with a few legs while casually picking food from the gravel and nibbling on it. He waited too long though and No-Claws escaped to the Island of Lesbos.

The decorative rock in the middle of the tank was surrounded on all sides by water. It was also covered with female crabs and observed closely by the male crabs. We figured there was some hot, erotic S&M club under the rock, as the boys kept sneaking under there and out of sight. One was repeatedly expelled from this cubby, probably too young. That or the ladies were laughing at him and he was booted by the bouncer, cus lets face it..he had a rather small claw.

Watching The Island of Lesbos, our new instore, live soap opera entertained us for a good fifteen minutes until fish guy got around to noticing us. friends and I are weird.