Moments earlier in this dream scape I had fought my way to the top of the temple steps, brandished a long sword, sliced through row after row of guardsmen and pushed past peasants fleeing in confusion. I wanted the leader. His evil was so great that it seemed to pulse from the yellow and lime green leather armor he wore. His silky black mustache hung in two great tails from either side of lips pulled back in a sneer.

He'd known I was coming.

It was at this point when I came face to face with him, my chest heaving from exertion, that things changed. No longer was I a Xena-like warrior fighting to the top of the ancient Asian temple to carry-out justice. Instead I was but a simple peasant girl, perhaps one I'd pushed aside.

I was filled with fear and I was fleeing for my life.

Hundreds of my neighbors crowded beside me, each trying to run as fast as they could. Each attempting to hold fast to the little fingers they pulled along side them. It was a race against time and we knew there was little hope for survival.

The evil that had been done in the temple was being burned from existence; some god that had once been worshiped there was angry and we would all suffer for it. The ground was shaking, trees were toppling over and people were screaming. In the background behind my fast beating heart, strained breathing and burning muscles I heard a sizzling. I knew if I looked back I'd see black smoke growing ever closer, proceeded only a few feet by massive flames. If I had enough time to inhale I'd smell the sick scent of burnt flesh.

But all I could think about was running. Getting away. Saving myself and my siblings from the approaching river of lava.