Before we can screw I need to know the answer to this question...

A girl should ask these three questions before entering into a relationship with a guy:

  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. What's your favorite food?
  3. What's your favorite cup-size?

The last of course can be taken however you want to take it. If the guy replies with a bra size, you know he's driven by sex. If he replies with an athletic cup size... he's batting for the other team. If he replies with "big gulp" he's probably not exactly what you're looking for. Run in fear.

There is also a fourth question every girl should ask her guy. This one is generally considered more important than the other three:

  • If a ninja and a samurai were to get into a fight, who would win and why?

The more creative the reason, the better the guy is. It means he's imaginative and will be more fun to hang out with. Let's face it, if you're thinking about sleeping with him, you're probably going to be around him much more often. And an imaginitive guy is better all around, good times will be had by all.

It is important that which ever he picks, the ninja or the samurai, it be whatever you picked. Choosing the same warrior means your minds probably work in a similar way, you're more compatible.

Disclaimer: None of this has been scientifically proven. It is a method employed by a handful of women that I personally know. Although I have not asked the first three questions, I have asked the "Ninja or Samurai" question. I find if nothing else it is an interesting conversation piece and I have enjoyed the creative answers that are presented.

Responses to the ninja or samurai question:

Samurai--infinite patience to wait out the ninja and then beat him with his own weapons. Respectfully, of course.

It's a ninja. Everyone knows that. Logical argument: Ninjitsu was developed as a way for small groups of guerilla forces to overcome the sheer numbers of samurai. "More right" argument: Ninjas do NOT like pancakes, dammit! And everyone knows waffles are superior pancakes. So a ninja will kick the ass of a pancake-eating samurai any day of the week!!

a samurai would stealth a ninja to death any day. He'd out wait the ninja until it got bored and went off defensive. Then he'd use his mad-wicked samurai majick to make the ninja sleep and take his head. Probably use the head as a soup bowl too, those samurai are bad mo-foes >:#

The samurai would win. If the two get into a fight, then it should be assumed that the ninja has lost the advantages of surprise and concealment. In a one-on-one duel, a samurai's armor and superior swordsmanship would prevail.

MacArthur Parker
I think the samurai and the ninja would be beaten by Bill Gates after, unbeknownst to them, Windows XP is installed in their brains and they can't even remember how to defecate. And my favorite cup size is "Antonio Banderas".

The question is meaningless, grasshopper. Someday both will die--but when his day comes, the samurai will die with honor. ;-)