On this date in history I attended my first noder wedding. It was a beautiful, if a bit warm, day for it too. I woke up in the comforts of a child's bed with all the benefits of doll house and stuffed animals courtesy Witchiepoo and thefez and accompanied BrooksMarlin to the affair. It was lovely. What better setting for a wedding than a winery? Stone walls and arching ceilings lit by candlelight and sprinkled with rose petals. Karma Debt was dazzling in her elegant dress and ccunning dapper in his tux.

Dann performed his third wedding followed by his first baptism and did a really good job of it despite being flustered by the screaming baby. And he overcame his urge to baptise by dunking, as is customary in his religion, and only sprinkled the tiny forehead.

After the wedding we walked a few feet and BAM we were at the reception. Karma Debt had her own special pitchers of her favorite drink while the rest of us sampled endless glasses of various wines. Tandex gave a nice speech as the best man and the cake was cut. In the middle of all of this I mingled with the other noder guests and met a few from various distances.

For me the weekend will be memorable for several things:
  • zot-fot-piq looking like a wallstreet tycoon in his tux and red vest
  • brassmule in his overalls at Dave and Buster's trying to pick up a nice looking blonde in evening wear then showing off his sugar-packet -pickup-line..you gotta see it to believe it
  • everyone excitedly talking about the rumoured (and true!) arrival of Walter but not wanting to talk too much of it lest that jinx it
  • brassmule scaling the outer wall of zot-fot-piq's house in pure jurph style
  • the "gaynormous" duo of splunge and randir....really...just them. Very funny boston noders.
  • the Sienfeld-like moment when BrooksMarlin and I showed up at the airport to pick up panamaus and ran into Witchiepoo who was also there to pick him up
  • the moment when Walter and panamaus embraced in greeting then Walter exclaimed "you've got long hair too!"
  • everyone bursting out in techno beats followed by unison singing of "the system is down" throughout the weekend
  • sitting on thefez and witchiepoo's porch and talking with Borgo about life and finances
  • and accidentally stepping on the bride's train as she ascended the aisle causing her to jerk back and give me "the look". Thankfully she wasn't angry and thought I'd done it on purpose as a joke.

  • Overall a very memorable weekend. I was left with only one question....when is Hot Damn 4 going to be planned???