Healing Time
Ear lobe, approximately 4-8 weeks
Ear cartilage (including tragus), approximately 3 months to 1 year

Thoroughly clean your new piercing once daily. Use an antibacterial soap such as Provon. Excessive cleaning can cause problems.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Remember never to touch your new piercing without washing your hands.
  • Using warm water and a cotton swab, remove any matter that may have dried on the jewelry and around the openings of the piercing.
  • Next, pour the cleaning agent on the jewelry and piercing, lather it up, then work the jewelry back and forth at least 6 times. Leave the cleaning agent in contact with the piercing approximately 3 minutes. Rinse the agent off very thoroughly under running water, again working the jewelry back and forth at least 6 times. Any cleaning agent left on the skin or in the piercing can cause problems.

Special note on cartilage piercings
At times cartilage and nostril piercings can form a small lump beside or near your piercing. If this happens, contact your piercer.

Special note on ear piercings
Avoid placing telephone receivers against your piercing during the healing period, as they harbor germs/bacteria of all those who use them. Avoid getting hair care products on your new piercing. Stereo headphones can also be a source of irritation.