The time is now 23:00 local time, 12:30 E2 server time.

I am writing a daylog today because a bunch of IRON NODERs are writing one today, I'm not entirely sure why, I think mostly because we can. This is a daylog and will cover specifically today, if you want to know what's been going on in my life lately, see my previous daylog. I was wondering what I was going to write for this, but now that today has actually come and gone, the problem seems to have resolved itself somewhat.

To get something out of the way first, yes I am going to see a medic in the near future. The ball has been gotten rolling for that today. Anyone who needed to know that should probably be happy about it, anyone who didn't will probably simply not care less.

So, balls. Yes, there was totally balls, well, one anyway. And it was filled with helium. The balloon launch planned for the weekend unfortunately "had to be scrapped due to poor weather," and there was instead a smaller balloon sent up today for testing. Balloon and payload lifted off from Mount Barker at noon (01:30 UTC) right on schedule, and the chase car set off after it. Ground tracking stations (of which I was one) and the chase car monitored telemetry off the UHF link as usual, and relayed it to the central tracking server which then pushed it all out to us again, along with anyone else who wanted to watch. The balloon rose to 17,315 metres at 03:26 UTC before bursting and descending back to Earth to land just inside Ngarkat Conservation Park. The Land Cruiser's not gonna have to go and retrieve it next week fortunately, the guys in the chase car just got it back as I type this. A speed of 124 km/h was reached, faster than the 120 km/h of the chase car.

Other things? I arranged to get paid finally for some work I did not long ago. Mmm, money. Oh, and I posted the node I wrote last night. Can't think of much else.

Have fun, stay safe. Oh, and listen to this.
*waves and disappears into the night*