OK, downvote me, but I have a subscription to Linux Magazine (which incidentally does not mean I am lame, I like to keep up on the Linux news while I sit on my throne.) Upon opening this month's issue, I quickly saw a full 2-page ad from some Linux gaming computer company featuring Tux with a quake-like helmet on, holding a quake rocket launcher. First, I thought it was a cool picture. But upon further inspection, I noticed several signs drawn on the Tux image that said "Linux Rocks". All over him. It just seemed like some sort of glam-ad aimed at Linux Posers and it really made me question why I get this magazine. I mean, there are some good articles in this magazine (like the monthly "Gearheads Only", often written by Alan Cox himself on things lamers like me aren't good at, like writing drivers and the like) but this really made me wonder. What is Linux coming to? I've been using it since the early version 1 kernels, and I've always used it because of what it offers me as a geek. But now that it's becoming the cool thing to do, it kind of saddens me. Almost makes me want to move to OpenBSD or similar OS.

My question is this: What do fellow Everythingians think about this? Is using Linux the 'in' thing to do, or am I just letting a bunch of Linux Posers get to me? I am no *nix bigot, but that picture of Tux just disturbed me. Oh well, life goes on.

Sadly, I agree with you. Even better, remember the days even before Lycos and AltaVista, back when you accessed the internet with your terminal program dialing into your shell account? Everyone you interacted with was using the internet for the same reason. Then came the web and pop, and my mother too has an e-mail address but has been known to call me when she gets the nefarious Please insert bootable media in the appropriate drive when she turns her computer on with a floppy disk in the drive.