The western-most civilized island in the hawaiian island chain (Niihau is actually the western-most island, but only native hawaiians are permitted to set foot in this island.) Known as the Garden Island because it is very green due to the large ammount of rainfall it gets (one point on the island is the wettest spot on Earth, averaging 452 inches of rain a year.) The north shore of the island contains the Na Pali mountains and coast, one of the most beautiful things to pass down my optic nerves. To the west is the spectacular Waimea Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, as deep as 4000 feet in some places. The main city and county seat is Lihue, on the southeast shore. The the north is equally large Kapa'a. The town of Eleele on the souther coast is a good place for boat tours, going on a day-long katamaran tour is very fun, often consisting of whale watching, dolphin sightings, snorkling, Na Pali coast tours, and charter fishing. The north coast of the island is the most beautiful, but the road around the island ends at Na Pali. Tunnels Beach, about 1 mile from the end of the road, is the best place I have ever snorkled.

If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii and don't know which island to go to, go to Kauai. You will not be disappointed.