An Archaeological Adventure Game

Published by Timbuk II, Inc.

From the back of the box:

The year is 1923. You are one of four world famous rival archaeologists who have come to Cairo, Egypt, to begin a race against time, nature, and each other, in a search for the stolen treasures of the pharaoh.

Enter the Valley of the Kings, a world of burning desert heat and blinding sandstorms. Danger lies in your every step as you dig youir way through the dark, damp corridors of the ancient tombs, but beware.... The cobra goddess, WADJET™, has guarded the pharaohs' tombs for over 3000 years.... She awaits your intrusion...!!!

You will be faced with danger, intrigue, and possible financial ruin. You must use your wits, knowledge, money and memory to outsmart your rivals and WADJET™.... Search for the royal tombs of the pharaohs.... Learn their secrets.... but don't let anyone learn yours!!!

Wadget is a board game. Think of it as a cross between Parcheesi and Clue. The story is that twenty-five artifacts from a newly discovered tomb have been stolen. You play the part of a famous archaeologist tasked with recovering the pieces.

Each of the four players knows about six of the artifacts. The twenty-fifth artifact must be deduced (Clue-like) by circling the board (Parcheesi-like), recovering, swapping, and snatching artifacts from each others' stashes. Each artifact has a monetary value and you can't make your guess at the last artifact until you control artifacts worth a certain value. There are, of course, other complications that leave openings for strategy and tactics.

It is an expensive game but the box, board, and pieces are very attractive and well-made. If you like logic games you will enjoy Wadjet.