Several corrections necessary, to an otherwise accurate and informative writeup.

  • Dolby Digital is only limited to 640kb/s not 448 as previously reported. (although there are no discs that use this)
  • DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 is not incompatible with previous DTS systems, you are still able to obtain 5.1 sound information and 6.1 Matrixed surround from the DTS-ES Discrete bitstream, thanks to a clever bit of coding technology.
  • In actual fact, very few arguments can be placed towards either coding technology as being truly superior. It all depends on the skill of the sound designer, and possibly the DD soundtrack being compromised for downmixing to stereo or Dolby Pro-Logic systems. Or perhaps the studio have a particular favourite? (Saving Private Ryan - perhaps THE best demonstration disc for showcasing 5.1 discrete audio tracks. The DTS version clearly sounds better, but many arguments have been made that the DTS version was mastered from a different sound mix.)