I received a form letter from the Smithsonian Institution today informing me that I was not selected for a job I applied for over two months ago.

Thanks guys, but I think the fact that you never called me in for an interview sort of implied to me that I wasn't selected. But I really appreciate the confirmation.

I've sent out eleven resumes in as many days. I have received no communications from any of the places I applied to, with the exception of a couple postcards. After I submitted my resume to NPR for an editorial assistant position, the job description on their website magically changed. An extra line was added that made me no longer eligible. I spent two hours tooling my resume' and cover letter for that one. If that sentence had been included in the original description -- the part about applicants needing two years of "journalism research experience" -- I wouldn't have even bothered. But I can rest assured that in two months time I'll receive one of those humiliating postcards in the mail explaining in a courteous yet condescending manner that I wasn't "selected."

Job hunting sucks. Job hunting in the Bush economy sucks even more.