Its been one year. One year. Me personally, I wasn't directly related to anyone who lost their life during the September 11th attacks, but I felt a great deal of sorrow for those people who lost loved ones during what seemed to be a rather "normal" Tuesday morning in the middle of September. But time would tell it would not be.

I woke up, as normal at 7 o'clock this morning. And got up, and just as a sign of unity and patriotism, I decided to wear my red, white and blue. Got up, got to where I had to be, and when I got near a flag, I got up and I said the pledge of allegiance. And I think all American's should get up and say the pledge today, even if you don't normally. Because its a sign of respect of what this country stands for. The liberties and freedoms. I even listened to the singing of the national anthem.

Although today will be a day of sorrow about what happened last year, it should be day of reflection too. Take a minute, maybe five, and just think about life, and heroics. Think about the people who risked their life to save others. When it comes down to it, would you risk yours to save someone else?