Return to NFC East (thing)

Starting the 2002/2003 season with the addition of the [Houston Texans], the [NFL] decided to realign its divisions. The new [NFC] East now looks like the following:

  • [Dallas Cowboys]
  • [New York Giants]
  • [Philadelphia Eagles]
  • [Washington Redskins]
This division is probably the toughest division to win in the NFC. The Dallas Cowboys, who won numerous [Super Bowl]s in the 90s, are now a mediocre team. But they are mending their ways and should be a decent team in several years. The New York Giants went to the Super Bowl two years ago, but they unfortunately lost to the [Baltimore Ravens]. The Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins are all good teams and all have an open chance to win the division. The Redskins are now being coached by former [University of Florida] coach [Steve Spurrier]. The Philadelphia Eagles are a great young team led by quarterback [Donavan McNabb]. The [Arizona Cardinals] were in this division and they are now in the [AFC West].