Today, I finally bought a new car. A brand new 2002 Montero Sport. A grey, 4-door, Sports Utility Vehicle. Its a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sports ES 3.0L 4-Door Sport Utility. The price I got it for is $22 thousand, out the door. I figure, its a good price, and I really needed a new car. The car I last had is a 1989 white (though you would think its a grey had you seen it with your own eyes) Toyota Corrolla. It has a blue interior, manual windows, the air condition was broken for about 15 months, and I had about 175 thousand miles on it. It wasn't in the great condition...actually it was in rather shitty condition. The front right headlight glass was broken. The windshield wipers were broken off several years ago. The battery went dead about 4-5 times in the past year and a half. The engine was replaced several times, and not for voluntary reasons. I decided not to sell it and rather just sell it to for scraps and i got about a little less than a $100. I guess that is more than I could hope for.

I came back from the Mitsubishi dealership, about 50 miles away, so I already picked up more than a hundred miles on the car. And I came rather close to getting in an accident as I was riding by a friends house to show off my new ride. As I was going down 48th Court, talking on my phone and my POD cd was in the stero with the volume at full blast, I didn't realize a stop sign. Fortunately, the man who had the right of way, realized that I wasn't going to stop and luckily (for me), he stopped. Humiliated to stop and face the middleaged man, I just kept on going and in 5 minutes, I was in the driveway of my friend Jay. I was with him and we went out with a couple more friends that night, and I made it home safely, without any more "encounters."