A larrikin is a person that fits the stereotype of a wiry, bronzed, dirt-covered outback Aussie with a lively personality. In traditional Australian ballads and stories, by such writers as Banjo Paterson, larrikins feature prominently.

The image of the larrikin differs from that of the ocker in that larrikins are perceived as more fun-loving, energetic and often dim-witted. Ockers are the pot-bellied, (usually) older, rough, scruffy men that sit in pubs all day and night in their ruggers and singlets drinking beer.

Larrikins are often great fans of practical jokes, including violent ones. They are usually hard workers of the land and enjoy their beer. Jovial and friendly, they are not unlike Crocodile Dundee.

It is likely that the word "larrikin" came from "larking about" -- engaging in harmless fun or mischief.