I saw a strange thing today.

I walked into McDonald's for lunch and there were 4-5 Amish guys in line in front of me! There were definately amish, they had the black conformist dress, the absence of buttons, the beards with no mustache. Yep, they were amish.

The amish guys ordered extra value meals, sat down and ate them like normal.

IIRC, amish law says that they can use modern technology as long as it is requred by their work, and it doesn't dilute the amish community, so I guess McDonalds is ok as long as you do it on the job with a bunch of other amish, but still, it was a litte weird.

Update: They were definately amish, and not orthodox jews. The event took place in Potsdam, NY which is close to a good sized amish settlement.