It's late at night and I walk into a Burger King to get something to eat. I wait in line and when it's my turn to order the guy behind the counter won't bring me the right thing. I keep saying "No! I asked for a number 1! You know, a Whopper meal!" but he keeps bringing me other items from the menu. I finally get so frustrated that I start yelling at the guy and slamming my tray on the counter. Then I leave without my Whopper meal.

I walk down the street a little way, and I see a palm pilot store, so I go in to buy a cradle for my Palm Vx*. I go in, and its like a fast food joint! A counter with a bunch cash registers and guys behind it, and lots of people waiting in lines. I get in line, and when its my turn to order the same thing happens. I say "I want a cradle for a Palm Vx" and they keep bringing me Palm VIIs and stuff like that. I get frustrated again, and a manager notices and comes over.

"Sir, please calm down" he says. "Now, what do you want to order?"

"A god dammed cradle for my Palm Vx!" I say.

"Excellent sir, I just need to ask you some questions to complete your order." he says. "How much ram does your Vx have?"

"4 megabytes†" I say.

"Good, now how many megahertz is the processor?"

"I don't know! 33?"

"No, sir it's 51‡, if you had brought your Palm with you, I wouldn't have to ask these questions."

I leave the palm store without my cradle.

I'm walking on the street again back towards my house, when I come across a Wendy's. I go in and see the perfect meal for me, a nice burger with loads of toppings and these fries that seem to me multicolored or something. I get in line...

...and I wake up with 5 years by Björk running through my head. Weird.

* Which I had lost in reality over a year ago.
† In reality, the Palm Vx has 8 megs or ram.
‡ I have no idea if this is correct.