I'm in a 7 Eleven, but for some reason, this 7 Eleven is more of a cross between a Starbucks and a bar than a convenience store. It has a bunch of small tables and there are a whole bunch of people hanging around. I go to a table near the back where a friend of mine is sitting, he asks me if I can order a 7-Up and Iced tea for him. I say no problem.

I go up to the counter and order the drink. It turns out to be about a liter of 7-Up in a large glass with a shot of highly concentrated tea added. I look around and notice that alot of the people in the place are holding this drink. The bartender tells me the drink is $4, I give her a twenty, but she doesn't believe I gave her enough money. I try to argue with her, but she tells me I need to give her $20 more. Eventually I give up and give her the money.

I go back to the table where my friend is waiting and give him his drink. A few more friends have shown up and we sit down to play some kind of card game.

And then I woke up.