13th song on the album Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos
Mrs. Jesus is preceeded by I Can't See New York and followed by Taxi Ride

First of all, the title. This is the song I can't play before my religious aunt from fear it will upset her. Compared to God from Under The Pink, it's not a particularly blasphemous song. Still, Tori Amos and religion have always been a volatile combination. And the juxtaposition of the words "Mrs." and "Jesus" would be enough to make even non-Christians jump.

life lines
and suicide crimes
you found me in a state

We are in the aftermath of September the 11th. Scarlet was a spectator and also feels she was a participant, because she picked up the life line of a woman who lost it in the crash. Right now, she doesn't know what to think. There are many things to question at this time - God, America, or humanity, for that matter.

 your walking              But now
 on the water Bit          it seems
 by far my                 we're drowning 
 favorite one              in a drop of water

In this song, Scarlet is clearly having a conversation with Jesus. According to the storybook of the album, however, her new friend is simply a nice and caring man called Mrs. Jesus, who gives her a ride and a heart-to-heart out of New York. This man is a counterweight to the authoritarian preacher in Pancake. Mrs. Jesus is no angry young prophet, he's simply a good man with an understanding of people.

   If you're my way 
       let me love you
                            mrs. jesus