15th song on Scarlet's Walk, by Tori Amos. This song is followed by Scarlet's Walk and preceded by Taxi Ride.

what i want is not to
want what isn't mine
"But I am Desire"

It's hard to say when Scarlet's Walk becomes tedious. At some point after track 10, however, the listener stops hearing the beauty of each song and instead notices a certain monotony.

That is the problem with a concept album. Scarlet has to visit all 50 states of America, and she must have songs to accompany her. I guess we should thank God she doesn't have one song for each state.

That said, there's nothing wrong with each song individually. Another Girl's Paradise is a fine, harmonious song. In this portion of her journey, Scarlet leaves Louisiana and goes to Florida. She visits that earthly paradise of Hawaii before going back to Miami. For once, Scarlet is alone with her own thoughts. In her previous adventure, Taxi Ride, she dealt with the death of a friend and had to see how many other people reacted to it. Now she turns to see how women respond to each other's happiness. She realizes how hard it is to truly wish another one luck while you are having a hard time.

the thing one girl fears
in the night
is another