Dear PETA,

You may want to rethink your efforts of encouraging people to “Go Vegan” and rather encourage them to know where their food comes from. You portray the life of an animal intended for slaughter as a horrible life filled with crowded messy conditions leading to poor health. And sadly, while this may be true on some farms, it is not the case at all farms, as you want people to believe.

Many farms realize that people are beginning to care more and more about the conditions that animals are raised in, not to mention that a healthier animal yields better product. If people are concerned with the ways animals are treated and cared they can look into were their food comes from. Perhaps buy the meat from a local farm and look into their practices. Now, I understand why you may be alarmed that animals are still being killed for human’s benefit.

However, vegans can’t eat products such as eggs or diary and your claims as to why this is how it should be are outlandish. You claim that chickens that are used for egg production are kept in the bad conditions as well. But as someone who has raised poultry for many years (mainly as pets, but also for eggs), I can inform you that chickens will hardly lay any eggs if they’re not well cared for. While I know that some egg production places are not the best, once again people should just look into where their food is coming from. People can buy many cage-free and organic eggs if they desire. Not to mention the abundance of farm-fresh eggs that one can see all over the place. In addition, if people want to ensure the animals are well-taken care of, all they have to do is pick up a couple of chickens. They’re easy to care for and for each chicken tends to lay an egg a day.

As for your claim on the dairy industry, some farms aren’t the best, but there are many farms where the animals are well-taken care of. My grandfather ran a dairy farm before I was born and he was up at the crack of dawn working to ensure his animals were cared for. His animals were also able to roam the fields, not the cramped conditions you wish to present. If people were to look into where their food comes from then they would be no issue about the well-being of animals. But it’s not just animal-products that people should be concerned about. Many other products are created in ways that harmful to the environment and in turn, animals.

So, perhaps you may want to look into your approach. Instead of telling people, “Go Vegan,” tell them, “look into where your food comes from.” This is what will lead to a better planet of humans and animals alike.

A Non-Vegan Animal Lover