Provided your flight hasn't been delayed by a passenger having a panic attack before take-off due to the apparent lack of 'trained' crew or the 'subtle' yellow motif, upon landing you will be met by a horn sound informing you that your flight is one of the {x number} of on-time flights that year. It will go on to tell you that Ryanair apparently has the best on-time stats in Europe; a believable fact as they have unassigned seating and everyone rushes onboard to avoid being sat by the fat satanist. Another contributing factor, however, is that almost no-one on a Ryanair flight takes hold baggage. Understandable? of course, neither do a lot of Easyjet passengers as they also charge extra, however;

-Easyjet charge £30 less than Ryanair for hold baggage
-Ryanair refuse to guarantee you can actually take your hold bag with you.

You cannot pre-book it, and if they don't have the space, you have to leave it at the airport. That could mean a rushed purchasing of an in-flight case, repacking, and cramming the excess back into the car, or it could mean leaving your favorite dress in Magaluf. Such is Ryanair.

Oh, and it also costs more to sit in an exit row or a seat at the front with extra leg room.

If it hasn't become apparent, I dislike Ryanair.